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[icon link=”http://www.shift1.com/brand-identity/” icon_name=”icon-user” icon_size=”icon-3x”][h2]BRAND IDENTITY[/h2]Who are you? What makes your company special? What’s your quality of work? These are the questions that brand identity answers for people who are just becoming aware of your service.

[icon link=”http://www.shift1.com/web-design/” icon_name=”icon-desktop” icon_size=”icon-3x”][h2]WEB DESIGN[/h2]A high quality website design directly reflects your great brand. A responsive design ensures your site will look good on multiple devices, clear navigation will direct the user to what they’re looking for, and special features make your site memorable.

[icon link=”http://www.shift1.com/print/” icon_name=”icon-font” icon_size=”icon-3x”][h2]PRINT[/h2]Bring your brand to life with designs that speak to the quality of your services, with posters, flyers, and catalogs that reach your audience. From concept to final layout and production, we can convert your ideas into real life designs.

[icon link=”http://www.shift1.com/app-development/” icon_name=”icon-mobile” icon_size=”icon-3x”][h2]APP DEVELOPMENT[/h2]Our firm belief in responsive web design means that your website will look great no matter what device it’s viewed on. However, if you want an interactive app that has added functionality to complement your site, we can provide creative solutions for you.

[icon link=”http://www.shift1.com/motion/” icon_name=”icon-video-camera” icon_size=”icon-3x”][h2]MOTION[/h2]We provide a variety of video services from interviews and stop motion to animated videos. The best way to educate your audience on what you offer is through imagery. It’s also a great way to build trust and demonstrate the quality of your work.

[icon link=”http://www.shift1.com/content/” icon_name=”icon-pencil” icon_size=”icon-3x”][h2]CONTENT[/h2]We’ll make your brand memorable by telling your story through engaging content that captivates your audience. Blog posts, detailed product descriptions, and informative site content are all important aspects of the image your brand presents.


[h1]Work with people that love what they do[/h1]
We’ll help you with your brand identity in a way that makes your message clear, engaging and memorable. Let us bring you the right audience, by bridging the gap between your company’s goals and your clients’ needs. As experts in online branding, we will communicate your message with style. We love what we do, and you will too.

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Content Website Design: Tech-Tonics Advisors

Ethiopian Wild Coffee: Label Design

Magento Ecommerce Website Design: Manhattan Saddlery

Galliant Games: Logo Design

WordPress Website Design: Community Policing

WordPress Website Design: Doctor Disability Shop

Magento Ecommerce Website Design: Delicate Gem

WordPress Website Design: FLiNG Energy

Website Redesign & Social Media Integration: Stand Up NY

Website Redesign Case Study: Triumph Crisis Recovery Center

Doctor Disability Shop: Logo Design

The Accent Channel: Logo Design

Delicate Gem: Logo Design

FliNG Energy: Logo Design

Lawyer Disability Group: Logo Design

Stand Up NY: Logo Design

Steampunk Goggles: Logo Design

Membership Site Case Study: The Accent Channel

Content Website Redesign: Dr. Sofa

[one_column][page_title]Contact[/page_title][page_subtitle]Let us Bring your Brand to Life[/page_subtitle][page_line] [page_description] Like what you see? Fill out the form below or give us a call at (201) 222-1001 and let’s talk. [/page_description] [/one_column]

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