This WordPress plugin is free, and makes it easy to create an XML sitemap for Buddpress.

This plugin will automatically generate XML site maps for your BuddyPress groups and users. It will then set a cronjob to schedule fresh updates every day, and there’s a link to manually regenerate each sitemap.

The plugin will generate an XML sitemap for your groups, and a separate one for your members. These are static files, so they don’t put a load on your database. They’re also organized based on the first letter or number in the name of each group and username. This keeps each sitemap lean and easy to read.

The plugin is set to default to 1,000 links per sitemap file, but you can increase or decrease that number. Once generated, you can submit the links to Google Search Console.

Download the SHIFT1 Buddpress XML Sitemap Generator WordPress plugin here.

Buddypress XML Sitemap Generator